Damaged and Broken Blinds – Plan for the future

Having enjoyed all the Summer fun here on Cape Cod, before you know it, we will be closing our homes for the Winter.

Whether your home is rented during the season or you live here for the season, there are a few quick items to check that will make your Spring time house opening go smoothly.

After a long Summer of renters, visitors, family and friends your home may have experienced some wear and tear. A quick and easy item to add to your checklist are your window treatments.

So many of us close our homes only to discover broken or worn window treatments when we open in the Spring causing an emergency call to a professional, only to remember, it’s the busy season and getting an appointment to repair/replace your shades, blinds and curtains is difficult. This causes stress because oh yea, renters, visitors, family and friends are arriving this weekend!!!! Help!!

Reduce this stress by taking a few minutes to check all your window treatments. If in fact you are in need of repair or replacements, you can schedule an appointment well before you return to all the Summer fun!!

Thank you for your support over these past 30 plus years! Enjoy this wonderful end to the Summer and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Certified and Trained Professional Installer

The one behind the Shades,


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