5 Tips for Window Treatment Care

Window treatments can highlight the beauty of your home… or have the opposite effect.

Here are 5 tips for caring for your shades and drapes

1. Proper Installation

  • Follow ALL the instructions (no extra parts)
  • Proper fit; choose the right product for your specific window
  • Consult with a certified and trained window treatment professional

2. Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t allow other service people to remove blinds (painters, cleaners, carpenters, etc.,)
  • Don’t buy via the Internet. No service, no returns, no warranties.
  • Do purchase from a local certified and trained professional

3. Cleaning

  • According to Steve Lam, owner of The Furies Cleaning Service thefuriesonline.com “the single biggest aspect of cleaning window treatments is to be careful”. He also states, “Don’t pull on the cords or apply too much pressure on the treatments for fear they will be pulled off the wall. As well, make sure the cleaning materials won’t damage your treatments”
  • Consult with a local cleaning professional

4. Repair and Warranties

  • Internet service will not repair your treatment
  • Read the fine print on all products
  • Understand who will do the work. Manufacturer? Installation professional? Contractor?

5. Replacement

  • If you’re selling your house, new window treatments can take your homes appearance to the next level
  • When buying a new home, factor window treatments into the overall cost.
  • Keep your home up to date by replacing window treatments every five years

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